BASP 092: Come at me, The Wall Street Journal

This week we talk about the Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Castlevania, Some Switch news, a return of Dereck’s Deals, Injustice 2, Killer Instinct rage and first-person Street Fighter.  Enjoy the Picture of Alex and Das Boot.

BASP 091: Survival of the Fitness

This week’s podcast is pretty loose.  We talk about some news in gaming, like Steam’s replacement for Greenlight, Castlevania getting a show, Street Fighter V’s new fighter and GTA.  But we go on about Trailer Park Boys and do a lot of anything we want.  We also give you some need to hear advice about relationships and hobbies with Valentines day right around the corner.

BASP 090: Face Down Slide

Short news week on the B, A, Start Podcast means a lot about a little.  We talk about Super Bowl LI, Some FF14, NBA Live cancellation and other sports game licensing problems, and cheaters on Overwatch.  We talk about updates on current gen consoles and PS4 finally adding external HDD support.  We do a little walk down cartoon memory lane and answer some burning questions.

BASP 089: Brothers of the Abyss

On this week’s show, we talk about some games coming out in February, Dead Rising, New Xbox updates and the possible new generation of consoles, Final Fantasy 14 getting a TV show, Esports on ESPN, Evo 2017, of course, the new trailer for Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City, and a release date for Tekken 7 finally.  Plus pooping and drinking games.

BASP 087: Creep City, HA

This week on the B, A, Start Podcast we talk about bad Netflix movies, MMO’s, Street Fighter 2, and a lot of Nintendo Switch.  We talk about the VHS Capcom sent some of the major websites for promotion and Scalebound being canceled.  We also get into emersion again and bring it all back around to Dark Souls the way only the B, A, Start Podcast can.

BASP 086: Scrub Quotes

This week on the podcast we talk about some Bloodborne, Final Fantasy scrub quotes, Persona 3, and lots of news including AGDQ 2017, the Uncharted movie, Injustice 2 release date, possible leaked roster for Marvel Vs. Capcom and Ariana Grande in a final fantasy game. 

BASP 084: Pokemon GO is back in the news…

This week we are joined in studio by Mat to talk about video games old and new.  Not a busy news week but we find plenty to fill your ears like, the Steam sale, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Super Mario Run, Games with Gold for January, and some deals you can take advantage of at home.  We also tease our Games of the year awards, but we need your help!  We want to know what your favorite games of 2016 were.  Send any thoughts about any game you liked that came out this year to!