Cheap Cheaters – WWE 2K16

New video series where we play a game offered for FREE through one of the subscription services.  This week Austin tries these new age wraslin games.Remember, Pateron subs get access to this video a week before the rest of the world.  Subs at the $1 or more a month level get the podcast and any videos on time.



BASP 0102: Theory Fighter

This week the B, A, Start Podcast returns to bring you the traditional gaming talk for the week with a traditional kinda fellow, Croawley.  Remember, you can get each episode of the podcast a week earlier than everyone else by becoming a Patreon supporter at the $1 or higher level.  To visit the page go to

BASP 089: Brothers of the Abyss

On this week’s show, we talk about some games coming out in February, Dead Rising, New Xbox updates and the possible new generation of consoles, Final Fantasy 14 getting a TV show, Esports on ESPN, Evo 2017, of course, the new trailer for Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City, and a release date for Tekken 7 finally.  Plus pooping and drinking games.

BASP 061: B, A, Start Podcast smashed a homie

This week we have a difficult time staying COMPLETELY on topic we will admit.  But when we do we talk about some Pokemon GO feelings, some Dark Souls,and Final Fantasy.  We get into news about new Nintendo systems, new KI fighters, GTA5 gay pride mods, and some Street Fighter.  We also share some memories that you are sure to enjoy.  Don’t believe me?  Try us.

BASP 050: B, A, Start Podcast the Remake

Big 50!  This week we discuss some Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, Friday the 13th The game announcements, lots of News from PAX East, Pro gaming teams banned from ESL for porn endorsements, the Jumanji remake news.  We talk of course about Dark Souls, and The Walking Dead.  Some Persona and Mirrors Edge announcement news and we round out the show with some WWE talk/hate and some questions.