BASP 0102: Theory Fighter

This week the B, A, Start Podcast returns to bring you the traditional gaming talk for the week with a traditional kinda fellow, Croawley.  Remember, you can get each episode of the podcast a week earlier than everyone else by becoming a Patreon supporter at the $1 or higher level.  To visit the page go to

BASP The BS Report 002: P. Diddy’s Load

This week Alex is out at a bachelor party getting shot by plastic bullets, so Dereck fills in.  We talk about some movie, Music festivals, Power Rangers, and a whole bunch of stuff.  Remember all episodes of the Podcasts we do will now be available immediately only for Patreon subscribers.  You can still, of course, enjoy the podcast for free a week after recording.

BASP 0101: The Transition Begins

This episode we have Dereck in the studio to help sort of preview kind of what the new show will be like.  We don’t talk about A LOT of games this week.  We don’t get into our gaming weeks at all, but we do cover a bit of news.  Outside of that our conversations range from horror movies to wrestling, to old comedies and why some suck now.

BASP 0100: The show that gets Squashed

This is the 100th episode of the B, A, Start Podcast!  Our pal Juan joins us to celebrate the occasion with some talk about games on the 3DS of course, some Switch news from the recent Nintendo Direct, Bandi Namco’s new game teaser, and some other gaming news.  We also take a little trip down gaming memory lane and bring back B, A, Sportsball.

BASP 099: WE won E3

This week Dereck returns just before the turn of the century mark.  We talk about the Nintendo Switch, Ghost Recon Wildlands, RE7, and briefly about the Dark Souls 3 DLC.  We also get constantly sidetracked and talk about some Seinfeld and live stream eating.  We also get a little too into E3 talk for 2017.

BASP 097: A Podcast about walking

This week we are joined in studio again by Juan, who fills us in on his new lease on life after getting himself back on the grid in 2017.  We also talk briefly about the new Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City and discuss a bit of Zelda.  Alex lets us know what to expect out of Neir and updates us on his weekly stream lineups.  Don’t forget to head over to out Patreon here and see if anything interests you.  If not, send in an email to and tell us why.