Cheap Cheaters – WWE 2K16

New video series where we play a game offered for FREE through one of the subscription services.  This week Austin tries these new age wraslin games.Remember, Pateron subs get access to this video a week before the rest of the world.  Subs at the $1 or more a month level get the podcast and any videos on time.



We Can Be Better

Quick little video by Austin after the news of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s apparent suicide. This video is a little raw and off the cusp, but the message is clear… We all can be better to each other and this can be the last time we get news like this if we can be better to each other. RIP Chester Bennington 1976-2017.

*The guitarist’s name in Korn is Brian “Head” Welch… Don’t know where the name Matt came from, but save the correction comments, please.

New PS4 video

The second video in Austin’s “Why should I buy” series is out today.  This video we take a look at how the PS4 capitalized early on mistakes made by Xbox, and a focus on Games over multimedia.  Check out the video on Youtube, Enjoy Alex’s cameo and be sure to leave feedback.  Look for the final video on the Nintendo Switch coming soon.

New Video Series Coming

Austin started one of our new series of videos this week.  The first three videos in this sort of humorous, yet critical look at gaming today will be released for everyone on Youtube as soon as they are finished.  Starting with “Why should you own an Xbox One? then vs. Now” posted here.  Be sure to give the video a watch and a like and also subscribe to the B, A, Start Podcast Youtube.  Remember to check out the Patreon for more videos like this one and other content we have planned for the future.