BASP 029: Nintendone

This week we talk about Dead or Alive, Fallout 4, some Shovel Knight, PSN issues, a fight at a CS:GO tournament, some black Friday and cyber Monday deals, gamers hating on games, and some Nintendo forecasting. We also made an announcement about a live podcast in December.  Remember to redeem your free 30-day trail of Gamefly by using the link cancel anytime.

BASP 026: Juan is Finally Here

Joined by Juan in studio at long last.  We discuss lots of Skyrim and Fallout.  Some Street Fighter, Black Friday deals, Smash Bros, Black Ops 3 botch on PC, Some Bloodborne, PS4 and Xbox one perks, game sharing and other games.  We also take some strolls down memory lane.

BASP 025: Fanboys and Time Cops

This week we discuss Rock Band 4, Destiny, Fallout 4, Fanboys, Batman Arkham Knight refunds, Esports in college, The Walking Dead, Lost Planet 2 and 3, games going mainstream and the effect it has on established fan bases, and other gaming topics.