BASP 033: BASP Game Awards 2015

This week we discuss a bit of gaming news and choose our picks for best games of the year for 2015.  Remember to get your free 30-day trial of Gamefly go to and click the bottom option.  No late fees, cancel anytime.

BASP 032: Jake S in studio

Joined by Jake in studio we discuss Persona 4, Street Fighter V beta, some Star Wars, Rick Fox, backwards compatibility, all things Kojima, PS holiday sale, Silent Hills and PT, Cloud in Smash Bros., Rock Band 4 updates, some Game stop deal, holiday memories and some controller talk.  Don’t forget to redeem your free trial of Gamefly by using the link  No late fees and cancel anytime.

Special B, A, Start Podcast audio commentary of Street Fighter: The Movie

This is a audio commentary we did while watching Street Fighter: The Movie.  For the best experience sync up with the audio in the background.  We start with the two universal pre-rolls and the movie starts at about the 1 minute 50 second mark.

BASP 031: Live on Twitch

This weeks show was broadcast live on Twitch with Austin and Alex.  Joined by our audience we talk about Fallout Shelter, Xbox One Bundles, GTAV Online update, Nuka Cola at At Target, Akuma in Tekken 7, Nintendo’s future and many many other things.  If you want to view the show go to, or directly to  Don’t forget for your free 30-day trial of GameFly go to, click the bottom link and sign up.  Never any late fees and cancel anytime.


This week we talk about PSX, the new SF fighter FANG, Konami and Kojima episode at The Game Awards, The Game Awards themselves, PS2 games playable on PS4, Dark Souls 3 and some MKX.  We also discuss what makes a good and bad game.  For a free 30-day trial of Gamefly go to  Cancel anytime.