BASP 042: A Wild podcast appeared

This week’s podcast we talk about experiences with recent network issues, Street Fighter V, NHL 16, some Pokemon and Monster Hunter, a bit about Zelda games, Resident Evil coming to current Gen, and a palm full about a handful of other games.  We also play a high stakes game of BASportsball, and take a trip down memory lane talking about BB Guns and such.

BASP 040: Masters of the Fist

This week the guys talk about some Anime, Hard games, RPG’s they have and have not finished, Deadpool, Advertising tricks and flops, some Fallout 4, fighting games of all kinds, tease a potential SFV tournament, and maybe some other calendar marking dates. DON’T FORGET if you have feedback of any kind to email at  Someone is looking for YouTube ideas.

BASP 038: Persona, persona, and more persona

This week we talk about… Persona..  And that’s it.  But not really.  We talk some Street Fighter V, Killer Instinct, Smash Bros., Ghostbusters, Saints Row, some WWE, Stretch Armstrong, Free games on Xbox and PS4 and some Anime.  We bring back the Merry, F**k, Kill segment from last week, Talk about some Call of Duty gamers and answer some questions.