BASP 050: B, A, Start Podcast the Remake

Big 50!  This week we discuss some Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, Friday the 13th The game announcements, lots of News from PAX East, Pro gaming teams banned from ESL for porn endorsements, the Jumanji remake news.  We talk of course about Dark Souls, and The Walking Dead.  Some Persona and Mirrors Edge announcement news and we round out the show with some WWE talk/hate and some questions.

BASP 049: Dank Souls

This week we talk about plenty of Dark Souls, some Mario Paint, and the Walking Dead game, the Ark lawsuit we hadn’t previously heard about, Shovel Knight, RuneScape, Pokemon live action movie.  Austin Talks about why he love/hates Capcom and Nintendo, and we try a new version of B, A, Sportsball.

BASP 047: Call to Arms

This episode we talk briefly about some news like Romance of the Three Kingdoms coming back, Ace Attorney anime, Sega buying Atlus the Street Fighter V update and Guitar Hero.  We also talk about some salty gameplay experiences and invite our listeners to send an open letter about your experiences to