BASP 057: E3 2016 losers… And stuff

This week is a long show despite our best efforts.  We talk about the press conferences we all watched and have opinions about.  Microsoft, Sony.. and Zelda all took up our time this week and of course we have opinions on what we saw.  More importantly, we introduce two new segments of the show sponsored by listeners and we talk about some news in Jenny’s Gems.  If you want the SF Overwatch mod the link to get that is posted as promised.

BASP 056: E3 2016 Has begun ft. Jake Smith

This week we have Jake Smith drop by for a long, long chat on the podcast.  We talk about Overwatch, Destiny, Some Rune Scape…. Yeah, that Rune Scape, again.  Dark Souls, and a whole lot of unrelated shit.  We then talk about some leaks all around E3, like the Xbox one slim, Dead Rising 4 images, and Recore release date.  Then it’s on to E3 news from the first day of the show.

BASP 055: Wanna go a lil bit?

This week we talk about some REAL issues in the world today as well as some fake ones.  We also talk about Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat plus beers.  We talk some Dark Souls 1-2-3, and some FFX.  We talk about passionate first loves in gaming 😉 and about a whole lot of nonsensical BS as always.  Visit our patreon page at if you think you can support us and make the show better!