BASP 062: Family Matters

This week we are joined by our sister and brother-in-law.  We talk about some old games, some Street Fighter, NBA 2k16, and Persona 5 in the news.  As always we have a hard time staying on topic but we talk about some Comic-Con SD notables.  We answer some questions and have an all around good time.

BASP 061: B, A, Start Podcast smashed a homie

This week we have a difficult time staying COMPLETELY on topic we will admit.  But when we do we talk about some Pokemon GO feelings, some Dark Souls,and Final Fantasy.  We get into news about new Nintendo systems, new KI fighters, GTA5 gay pride mods, and some Street Fighter.  We also share some memories that you are sure to enjoy.  Don’t believe me?  Try us.

BASP 060: Pokemon GO Away

This week we talk about some more Dark Souls (we can’t help it), our play through of SFV Story mode, we talk about Pokemon GO, Microsofts “Play Anywhere” campaign, Nintendo’s new patient, some DOA Last Round, and some Mad Cats fight sticks.  We play B, A, Sportsball more and answer some listener questions.  If you would like to submit a question or topic you would like us to discuss you can write us at

BASP 059: It’s all Coconuts

Juan and Mickey join the show today to talk about some PS4, some Bioshock, EVO 2016 finals on ESPN, a little Kickstarter and some E3 2016 wrap up.  We talk about some current and upcoming game sales and bring back B, A, Sportsball.  We close out the show talking about some games that we burned out on quickly.  If you want to be a part of the interactive preshow go to our facebook and follow us.  Every Sunday before we record we go live and interact with the audience and ourselves.  You can also go to for information about donating to the show and be sure to save on Loot Crate by going to and use the promo code bridge10.