BASP 066: BS Start Podcast

Not a lot of gaming talk this week honestly.  We do talk about some Pokemon GO cheaters, Gamescom 2016, the slim PS4 leak, Facebook’s desktop gaming app, some Tekken and SFV.  For the first time in a long time, we don’t talk about Dark Souls.  But we do make up super heroes.

BASP 064: Stone Cold Steve Podcast

This week Alex gets sloppy.  Just listen… In other news, we talk through a light news week by bringing up some old wrestling stories, and some Manga/anime.  we do talk some background music, Starcraft HD, some Hulu and Pokemon GO stuff.

BASP 063: Dereck’s D in your Ear holes

This week unofficial third host Dereck is back!  In Jenny’s Gems we talk about some NX news, some Virtual console stuff, we talk about Disney Infinity, Pokemon GO, Xbox one and Sony’s first quarter sales.  Of course, in between, we fill the time with dirty stupid jokes and rants about games and whatever we want.