BASP 071: Steak and Shake Rulers

This week we talk a lot about the new Blair Witch movie, some Computer specs, and game updates, a bit about the Walking Dead, get into it about Minecraft, and the general nonsensical crap we talk about just about every week.

Link dump:

Berserk: And the band of the hawk

Titanfall 2 specs

RE7 specs

Doom update

Minecraft update

SF5 update

Walking dead name

Xbox Live GWG

BASP 070: Dereck and the jump scares

Dereck is here again! As always we talk about a lot of nonsense if you will.  We talk about PS4 4.0, RE7 Demo, GTA V redux, Digital Homicide lawsuit, Blair Witch, Assassin’s Creed Ezio collection, answer a good question and do a whole lot of stuff we didn’t plan on doing.  Be sure to check out the patches our buddy jake made here.  They are amazing.

Jake Smith’s Dark Souls patches

Good friend of the show and Patreon supporter Jake Smith made a few patches for anyone to use inspired by Dark Souls.  We think these are amazing, and our listeners are invited to use them for anything you want.  Be sure to thank Jake and go to his Dribbble page to see more of his work and get his contact info.

anorlondo-day anorlondo-night

These items are intended to be used for free, anyone using these items for profit or any unauthorized selling of these items, without consent from the designer Jake Smith, will face legal repercussions.

BASP 069: B, A, Start Podcast 4 Pro

This episode we talk about the PS4 Pro and the backlash from the community, we give a little bit of what we think about it as well. We also talk about Urien coming to Street Fighter V, Bloodstained being delayed, a report comparing the online networks for the two major consoles, some Netflix shows and a lot more.

BASP 068: Nerdgasm

This week we talk about the GTA Lawsuit with Lindsey Lohan, Overwatch, some Pokemon, Monster Hunter DLC, Call of Duty, Don’t Breathe and Borgia on Netflix.  We get in a handful of other stuff and for the first time in awhile play B, A, Sportsball in celebration on the return of college football.