BASP 084: Pokemon GO is back in the news…

This week we are joined in studio by Mat to talk about video games old and new.  Not a busy news week but we find plenty to fill your ears like, the Steam sale, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Super Mario Run, Games with Gold for January, and some deals you can take advantage of at home.  We also tease our Games of the year awards, but we need your help!  We want to know what your favorite games of 2016 were.  Send any thoughts about any game you liked that came out this year to!

BASP 083: Bone-in Wings

This week we are joined in studio by special guest Drew Jones.  We had a lot of fun so at times it might get a bit loud, you have been warned.  We DO NOT talk about (much) Dark Souls, but we get into the news of the week and some HOT TAKES about all things gaming.

BASP 082: My body is ready to leak

This week we recover from a lackluster live podcast last week by getting back to what we like doing… Talking as much as we want about the things we care about.  So there is some Dark Souls in the mix, some Nintendo Switch, and we take a trip down memory lane about our first live podcast.  Big news things like Vivendi buying Ubisoft stock up shows up and Crytek not paying its employees again.  We talk about other news too and answer some engaging questions.  For information about buying tee shirts Email us at

BASP 081: B, A, Start LIVE 3

This week’s Podcast was live on Facebook and Twitch, we talk about a lot of PSX news and some Game Awards news as well, including Marvel Vs. Capcom games coming out, Akuma in SFV, The Last of Us 2 being announced, We talk about the Walking Dead season three, and interact with our audience.  To watch the show go to