BASP 097: A Podcast about walking

This week we are joined in studio again by Juan, who fills us in on his new lease on life after getting himself back on the grid in 2017.  We also talk briefly about the new Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City and discuss a bit of Zelda.  Alex lets us know what to expect out of Neir and updates us on his weekly stream lineups.  Don’t forget to head over to out Patreon here and see if anything interests you.  If not, send in an email to and tell us why.

The future of the B, A, Start Podcast


Hello, friends and fellow cheaters, this week’s podcast will be delayed for a day or two.  The reason for this delay, unlike delays in the past, is to announce some upcoming changes in the format of the show and to make you aware of all the locations to get our content.  With this post comes a video by me, Austin, explaining what you can expect going forward and laying out all of our thoughts on how the show will continue.  So please watch the video and give us some feedback on our email

In short, the podcast you know as the B, A, Start Podcast will move from being recorded on Sunday night, to being recorded live on Thursday afternoon.  The show will be made immediately available to Patrons to download as an MP3 on our Patreon, or a week later for everyone else.

We will also be adding a new show about anything and everything that we will be recording on Sunday nights.  This show will also be immediately available to Patrons through our Patreon.  The new show will feature guests much more frequently than the B, A, Start Podcast and be a much looser off topic kind of show.  We will talk about anything from games to movies, to sharing stories to just talking amongst ourselves.  We hope this way to provide a much more entertaining listening experience, as well as keeping you in the loop about what we have been up to.

The last, but perhaps most important, thing we are announcing is our Patreon tiers.  We have new tier rewards ranging from $1 to $30 to help encourage a more community like feel to our content and to reward our supporters.  We feel our shows have the potential to be a must download for anyone interested in current media news and comedy podcasts, but we also feel like we could do better.  Pledging to us will guarantee improvement in what we do as well as more content.  We have tons of ideas and want you to be a part of the future of the B, A, Start movement.

As always we are looking for feedback about what kind of things you want to see, and what kind of rewards you think we should offer for throwing your hat in with us.  Email any of your thoughts to and tell us what you think about the direction we are heading in.

One last thing, the changes we outline in this post and in the video are not effective immediately.  For the time being, we will be transitioning into what we have outlined but will continue to put out the B, A, Start Podcast on Monday’s until further notice.  Please visit our Patreon at and see if any of our current rewards interest you.  If not, be sure to let us know what you would like to see going forward.

BASP 096: Tango & Cash got nothin’ on AG and Bazook

This week’s podcast is full of fun.  We talk about some Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Zelda, and get into it a little bit about fanboyism.  We also talk about the controversy surrounding some popular figures in gaming, specifically our boy Colin Moriarty, and the “trustworthy” press that puts out misleading articles.  We also talk about some movies games people consider “souls like”.

BASP 095: Breath of the Fungo

This Episode we are joined via Skype by none other than our friend Fungo.  Together we talk about Zelda, Get Out, Metal Gear, RE7, Nioh, and Neir, to name a few things.  We also have a fun little talk about hardware sales and projections, and we discuss what we would like to see in the next generation of games (if it must come so soon).  We talk some Switch and what people can expect and enjoy on YouTube already.  Remember to keep checking the B, A, Start Podcast Patreon here for details about upcoming changes to the show and as always email us at any questions you may have and anything you would like to see/hear from us going forward.

BASP 094: Zelda VS. Horizon Zero Dawn

On this week’s podcast, we talk about the Nintendo Switch, the Zelda and Horizon reviews, Mass Effect, Destiny 2, Injustice, Street Fighter 5’s new fighter, PS+ games for March, Microsoft’s Game Club, and the state of gaming at this point before E3.