Jake’s got a shirt you need to buy

I really cannot say it any better than Jake did himself…  So in his words…

“Let me paint a picture. Here’s you. You’re out with some friends, maybe drinking/bowling/shopping/drinking and you’re wearing a cool shirt that’s inspired by the poster for Dawn of the Dead. All of a sudden, through the crowd an attractive male or female person walks up to you and says “Hey… Cool shirt…” You smile and say “Thanks, I know the guy that designed it.” And then, you and the attractive, somewhat mysterious (if you’re into that sort of thing) male or female go out and get tacos. If you buy this shirt, this could actually happen.”

At the B, A, Start Podcast we endorse getting tacos with somewhat mysterious people, and strongly encourage you to buy yourself THE ultimate ice breaker tee shirt, designed by the very same man who did our logos.

Get It Here!

BASP 0103: Single Player

This week is another first for the BASP.  A solo show featuring only Austin.  And wouldn’t ya know it, it’s a super light news week.  He covers the Pokemon GO live event, 2 new fighters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Chester Bennington, 100%ing DS3, and gives some idea about what might be coming on the Youtube channels.  Just bear with him… It’s his first time…  Got some work to do though.

We Can Be Better

Quick little video by Austin after the news of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s apparent suicide. This video is a little raw and off the cusp, but the message is clear… We all can be better to each other and this can be the last time we get news like this if we can be better to each other. RIP Chester Bennington 1976-2017.

*The guitarist’s name in Korn is Brian “Head” Welch… Don’t know where the name Matt came from, but save the correction comments, please.