BASP 035: Eminem is our Only Fan

This week Austin and Alex talk about AGDQ, VR gaming, Street Fighter mini series’, Ridiculous 6, Gears of War world championships, Pornhub console numbers, our own cringe videos, the Escapists, streaming, Tales from the Crypt, Rise of the Tomb Raider and lots and lots of BS.  Don’t forget to take advantage of your free month trial of GameFly by going to  No fees, cancel anytime.

2 thoughts on “BASP 035: Eminem is our Only Fan”

  1. Good show guys. Lots of rambling but good shit.

    Yes, I have opinions about the Tales from the Crypt thing. It would take too long to get into them here, but I’m not thrilled with it at all. It’s pretty much name only, if you get my drift. Blah…

    Austin, do not worry about cursing if my kid is watching. We tend to curse like sailors in my house so it’s not a big deal to me if he hears it.

    Alex, don’t think I was the one to gift you Tomb Raider but I damn sure enjoyed watching it.

    Please do more beatdowns and how has it aged. They’re great. As far as the length that someone mentioned, I think it’s just right. Less than a half hour.

    And finally…..HA HA! I’M THE 1ST CHEATER! SUCK IT BIATCHES!! ?

    Ahem….now that I got that out, keep doing what you do and I’ll catch you on the flipside ❤

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